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Hey gang! I will be at MoCCA Artfest this Saturday and Sunday (April 28th and 29th) with my usual crew Ashley and Jon at table L7. I'll have my new comic, two old ones, and my last handful of buttons! Stop by and see me!
Remember when I made this picture and then made some buttons out of it? Well the company I printed them through (Busy Beaver) nominated them for their People's Choice award. Crazy! If you liked the button, please vote for #8 in the polls! Voting goes until midnight on the 23rd.

I'm not sure how much of a chance I have, but I never expected my bad word button to get this kind of recognition! I'm very honored.

I have a few buttons left that I will put up for sale online soon!
Hello guys! What is new with you?

I will be attending Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland the weekend of September 10th and 11th, a short week from now! I will teaming up once again with my pal Ashley to rock the hell out of table G9. The entire G aisle is going to be a party zone with my buddies Jon, Kasey, Tim, Eric, Jerzy, and probably a few others making it the rockingest block at SPX, most definitely. You should be there too!

I will have Flamingo Island, The Evening Blend, bad word buttons, and I will be drawing sketch cards as well. I will also PROBABLY have a new comic called Caper Con Carne, if I finish it in time.

Who else is going to be there? Stop on by!


My wallpaper of Can Town was made into a full-size full-color print in the What Pumpkin store, so if that is a thing you enjoyed staring at for hours upon days perhaps you would enjoy staring at it in a more tangible manner. It's as at home in your pantry as it is in your bedroom!


Once all the con craziness is under the bridge, I plan to open up for commissions. So stay tuned for that!
MoCCA Artfest Update!

When this gonna happen?
This weekend, April 9th and 10th, from 11am to 6pm
At the Lexington Avenue Armory
68 Lexington Ave (Between 25th &26th Streets)
New York City

Where you gonna be?
I'll be at table L7 with Jon and Ashley!

What you gonna have??
The Evening Blend!
Flamingo Island!
I will probably be drawing some sketch cards on the side!

Who all else is going? I'm excited to see people!!
First! If you found me through Alterniabound, a big ol' hello to you! That was my first ever album cover and it's pretty exciting. Thanks for your kind words, I hope you'll stick around!


Second, MoCCA Art Fest 2011 is right around the corner, and I will once again be sellin' comics with my sweet bros Jon and Ashley this year. If you happen to be in NYC during the weekend of April 9th and 10th, you should absolutely check out MoCCA. Admission is a steal and some of the best and most famous cartoonists will be exhibiting. It has been my favorite convention on a near consistent basis, ever since I started attending five years ago. Last year was incredibly fun, I can only hope to top it again this year. I'll update once table numbers are assigned. Hope to see you there!
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Well hey there! For the majority of the summer, I've been secretly working with the Homestuck Art Team on a companion animation for the Squiddles Album. The fruits of our labor have finally ripened and are yours for the picking! If that flavorful metaphor doesn't entice you, hopefully this album of delights will tickle your tangle!

This animation was a collaboration of many artists guided under the watchful eye of :iconproffate:, and damn if he didn't do an amazing job keeping the bunch of us corralled and focused. Every artist working on this made magic happen. The magic of FRIENDSHIP and TEAMWORK. Check out the free trailer!

The animation is yours forever when you purchase the Squiddles Album. By buying this album you are supporting hard-working independent musicians and artists, and that's a really good thing. Believe me, it's an album worthy of your internet music collection.

Invite yourself into the world of the Squiddles, a bubbly place full of sea unicorns and happy candy corn shrimp that will always remain in your hearts and dreams. Always.

So grab a buddy and get tanglin'!
Man I just want to clean that old entry from April out of here. That was three months ago!

Sorry for no updates in forever. I've been busy busy busy with a new (bad) job and some freelance/personal stuff on the side. Lots of not sleeping! Trying to teach myself basic animation. Oh lordy that shit is tough.

But since my last entry was about MoCCA, let me just say that it was the best (THE BEST) convention. I broke even on my table and met a ton of my comic heroes, probably saw everyone from my graduating class, and just had an amazing wonderful soul-revivingly good time. :heart:

A bunch of cool things are happening that I want to blog about for posterity! I hope to get around to that soon. Maybe in like 5 to 6 months.

Let's have a great summer!
Finally got my table assignment for MoCCA. :icongreliz:, :iconhiding-daisy:, and myself will be at Table F1, located on this map.…

Stop by and say hello! I might be doing sketches!

(we are also parked right next to :iconkeshii: (F2), so you can pretty much guarantee that it will be ON.)

MoCCA Art Fest is this week (April 10-11) at the 69th Regiment Armory Building (Lexington, between 25th and 26th St) in NYC

I'm jazzed!!
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Hello laddies and gennlemin! So as not to leave my journal unattended for much longer, I just wanted to say that I will be at the MoCCA Art Fest in a scant short month (April 10-11) at the 69th Regiment Armory Building (Lexington, between 25th and 26th St) in NYC!

I'll be sharing a table with :icongreliz:, :iconhiding-daisy:, and  this rowdy rapscallion. Not at my table but also at the con will be :iconkeshii:, so make sure you check her out also, unless/even if we have a throwdown!

In addition to parts 1 and 2 of Flamingo Island, I will most likely have Part 3 and an extra comic unrelated to flamingos and completely related to making tea. In technicolor!

I hope to see you there!
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Ahhh I forgot put up a reminder last week that there was only a week left! You can still participate - all info is here! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO
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When I heard Michael Jackson died early this summer, I made it my goal to learn how to dance to Thriller in time for Halloween. Whether you loved him or hated him, Thriller has pretty much become a staple of the season. It's infectious, it's groovy, and it never gets old (at least to me). It's good all year round, but it's ESPECIALLY good when the months change and it starts getting colder and spookier outside. My Halloween feels incomplete without it. Needless to say, stuff happened and I didn't end up teaching myself anything over the summer, let alone in time for Halloween. SO I've decided to have fun and dance it another way: through an Art Jam! Woo!

The theme of the jam is to draw yourself as a Classic Halloween creature dancing to Thriller. Rules below!

- This Jam is open to Everyone!! Anyone can participate, whether you've known me since birth or have never seen me before in your life. Feel free to invite your friends!

- The deadline is October 28th. I want to try to compile all the drawings into a big long image of lurching, unearthly back-up dancers to put up on Halloween. If you want in on that, get yours done by the 28th!

-  Classic Halloween Monsters Only, Please i.e. Frankenstein, mummies, wolfmen/werewolves, swamp things, witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies, skeletons, ghouls, etc. General spooky creatures. If you have a question about a creature, feel free to ask!

- Try to go for full color!

- Poses: I'd generally like for people to draw themselves in the most ghoulish, recognizable Thriller pose, being the zombie lurch, for consistency in the compilation piece. Feel free to do more than one in other poses though!

- Be creative, but please don't submit anything perverted or offensive.

- Post a link to your drawing when you're done so I can add it to the list. (Trying to figure out how to make thumbnail links; any help would be great!)

- Have fun!

The Ghouls

:iconsaffronscarf: - A Verevolf

:iconmikurose: - A Vitch
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Woo MoCCA sure was a doozy! I'm attemping to do a recap in comic form so that I can get more into the regular habit of making comics, but it's coming along pretty slowly. I have a lot of stuff in my mental queue that I want to make happen but I'm just so slow sometimes. :(

So! I've been doing a couple of art trades with my friends and I'd like to do a few more! I think it would be fun and good practice to take a break and draw someone else's characters for a change. I already did one with :iconkeshii: and I have another one with :icondagon22: lined up, so I think I'll take another 3 and see how I can handle them. Anyone up to do a trade? First come, first serve!

1) :iconkeshii: -- Imaginary Friends

2) :icondagon22: -- (WIP)





-  Preferably I'd like to only draw one or two characters, to save time. Most likely there will be little or no background, but the characters themselves will be in full color. You are not expected to do the same, but you can if you want.
- I will NOT draw the following - anything explicit, excessively violent, tasteless, racist, sexist, or generally offensive. That will be up to my discretion.

If these are successful I'll probably open up for trades again, or possibly commissions (gotta make a little scratch if I can). For now I just want to draw something!
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MoCCA! It's coming! It's a mere three days away!

I will be rocking it up with :iconkeshii: and :icongreliz: at table 619, which is in one of the southmost aisles towards the back but not against a wall. It's going to be very very fun and I'm just dancing with excitement! If you're interested in going, it's only $10 a day and $15 for the weekend, and you can find directions and more info at It's worth it!

I will definitely have Alligator Day and Flamingo Island part 1, but part 2 is in a bit of a pickle right now. Two of the original pages were taken for scanning to be part of the SVA senior cartooning magazine, and I forgot to scan one of them beforehand. The school says they won't get them back until next week, and though I'm working to get them back in time for scanning, chances are high that I won't have Part 2 ready for MoCCA. :( I'm feeling pretty awful about that since I pretty much promised that it would be there, but if anything, I will absolutely have it for SPX this October. I'll probably put the pages up here and on my blog to make up for it.

Let me know if you're going!
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So I will be at MoCCA Art Fest next week! Me and five of my friends have a table, including :icongreliz: and :iconkeshii:. It will be a blast and I will have Alligator Day and Flamingo Island Part 1 for sale, plus Part 2 if I'm fast! Let me know if you plan on going and feel free to stop by!

SVA's cartooning club Cartoon Allies will be there again this year, though I won't be working the table this time (for obvious reasons). However, any SVA students that want to be part of the table effort but haven't gotten the email we sent out about it, please email IMMEDIATELY for more info. There are a lot of important things you need to know if you're interested in volunteering. I don't know how many other SVA students watch me but I figure I'd get the word out anyway. (:

Oh yeah, I also graduated!
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School has kept me insanely busy all year and in two weeks it'll all be over and done with and I'm going to miss it so, so badly. I'm looking forward to getting my comic career off the ground though. It feels like I'm starting an RPG and I'm at level one with a few skillz and some pitt pens under my belt and oh god I'm such a nerd :(

Anyways I have a twitter and an professional-like artblog now so feel free to follow my stuff. You can find them here

Oh it's kinda nice to put things on deviantart again though :')
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School has kept me insanely busy all year and in two weeks it'll all be over and done with and I'm going to miss it so, so badly. I'm looking forward to getting my comic career off the ground though. It feels like I'm starting an RPG and I'm at level one with a few skillz and some pitt pens under my belt and oh god I'm such a nerd :(

Anyways I have a twitter and an professional-like artblog now so feel free to follow my stuff. You can find them here

Oh it's kinda nice to put things on deviantart again though :')
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Hey howzit goin'.

A whole summer and autumn have gone by and I haven't talked about all the crazy things that have happened in between that time. And now, I am a busy bee. Alas! Perhaps sometime soon. For now, here are some of my favorite articles from the Onion.

"Idaville Detective 'Encyclopedia' Brown Found Dead In Library Dumpster"…

"Potato-Chip Connoisseur Detects Notes Of Sour Cream, Onion"…

"Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks"…

Now make me do my homework.
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So every year for the past couple of years my school has been having a student-run open-to-the-public mini comics convention called Fresh Meat. Cartooning students make their own mini comics and sell them at the student lounge and hang out. Ours was last Friday, and a guy from Wizard magazine stopped by and we had a fun chat and I sold him some comics, plus a bonus free one (DAVE ;) ). Well, he did a write-up about it! For the Wizard website! CHECK THIS OUT. That first one is me!

Not sure why they didn't put the cover of my mini up, but oh well. It was hardly a thankless job. I'm really glad they chose to show off those comics, especially those of my friends and classmates. Best convention ever! :D
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The weather is too overcast and there is too much to do between now and May 5th and I'm THIS close to jumping out the window, but I won't, and you know why? Here's why.

Have you seen the "Pink Elephants" sequence from Dumbo? This whole movie is a "Pink Elephants" sequence. I can't wait.
Is it just me, or is March like the longest month EVER? Every year only one month has to drag itself out as long as possible, and it's always gotta be March. When I was in fourth grade, March just would not end. I remember looking at the calender and being flabbergasted that it was still a weekday. How can four weeks crawl by so inexplicably slow?

Perhaps it is in part to the Junior thesis, and me finally getting my shit together and working on it instead of kicking it around, and sacrificing my Spring Break to do so. I can also site my dropping of everything else to work on it, and thus having to play catch-up ever since. As of this very moment I still have:

-three biographies to read, each clocking in at about 600 pages, subsequently followed by an 8-10 page essay
-two puppets, one of them half-finished
-5 pages of inks, 3 pages of pencils for one 8-page comic
-3-4 page thumbnails for a new comic
-3 children's book illustrations
-class rescheduling UGH
-I also need to eat and sleep at normal hours but that ain't happening.

Okay enough whining, now some good things! My thesis got into the Junior Thesis show, and that shows that hard work pays off, kids! The show is up till April 5th, so if you're in the NYC area, you should go see it! Everything there is worth seeing (but if you're a prude, squeamish, or a small child, you'll probably want to pass, as some of the works are pretty graphic). Info here. Click "BFA Illustration and Cartooning Department Exhibition"
The reception was awesome. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE.

Also, I've been appointed to the staff of Inkstains, SVA's cartooning magazine. These are the hands of responsibility banging on this keyboard now!

And finally, I need it to be spring already. I love winter and all, but I'm ready to move on. I cannot take this indecisive weather anymore. It's time for flying kites and blowing bubbles, not wearing twenty sweaters. Who wants to go play frisbee in Central Park? I sure do.

Okay I'm going back to work. See you in May. :(
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